The French Revolution is one of the most influential events in world history. The revolution would go on to affect the history of France and the whole of Europe in an unprecedented way that no other event was ever able to.

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Are You Really Best Friends? Related Topics. Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. The need for gunpowder and weapons led to:. The Tennis Court Oath was made by:. The Tennis Court Oath pledged:. Which of the following were treasonous acts committed by Louis? Before the revolution, members of the Third Estate had:. He was assassinated by Charlotte Corday. The radical Jacobin who presided over the Reign of Terror was:.

The group that was given extraordinary powers to protect France from outside invasion was known as:.

the french revolution discussion questions answers

Which of the following describes the ultimate fate of Robespierre:. Back to top. Sign In with your ProProfs account. Not registered yet? Sign Up. I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Notice. Already have an account?John Smith. Jason B. John Adney.

French Revolution

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What caused the French Revolution? - Tom Mullaney

Roland, Professor Answered: Sep 10, This happened in the year This did not occur out of the blue. This was carefully planned because King Read More. What were the biggest mistakes made by Louis XVI? Klose, Content Writer Answered: Jan 08, What was the Ancient Regime?

Roland, Professor Answered: Jan 08, Ancien regime means old order was the political and social system of the Kingdom of France prior to the French Revolution in It was in effect from the late middle A What did members of The Third Estate have before the revolution?

Steven Answered: Jan 07, The third estate was written by Abbe Sieyes written before the French revolution. It was written in the January of and is political pamphlet, which influenced the population in a major Who were the Jacobins? The Jacobins were members of the French republic organization known as the Jacobin club.

It was created at the time of the French Revolution. The Jacobin Club was created by Maximilien Why was Marie Antoinette hated? Marie Antoinette was hated by nobles and commoners for many reasons. Which of the following were treasonous acts committed by Louis? John Smith Answered: Apr 19, What did the Tennis Court Oath pledge?

the french revolution discussion questions answers

Elster Answered: Apr 20, In what circumstances did the French Revolution start? Or Discuss the political, economic and social causes of the French Revolution. The French society was divided into three estates and only members of the Third Estate paid taxes. Fig: French Revolution Long years of war and the cost of maintaining an extravagant court had sapped the finances of France.

the french revolution discussion questions answers

Rise in population, increase in the demand for food grains, steep rise in prices, low wages also taxed the French finances. Philosophers such as Montesquieu and Rousseau put forward ideas envisaging a society based on freedom and equal laws and opportunities for all. In his Two Treatises of Government, John Locke sought to refute the doctrine of the divine and absolute right of the monarch. Rousseau carried the idea forward, proposing a form of government based on 'social contract' between people and their representatives.

In the spirit of the laws, Montesquieu proposed a division of power within the government between the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. This form of government was put into force in USA. It was an important example for political thinkers in France. Explain the importance of the following events on the course of the French Revolution: a Storming of the Bastille b March on the Versailles by the women of Paris c The passing of the Civil Constitution of the clergy Ans.

The Swiss guards were killed and prisoners set free. The mob stole arms and ammunition. Storming of the Bastille b The march on the Versailles by women of Paris signified the fact that women became an active participant in the French Revolution.

They gained an equal status in the society. The slogans of liberty, equality and fraternity became true. The clergy or group of persons who enjoyed special powers in the church were also forced to relinquish power.

Tithes were abolished and lands owned by the church were confiscated. Describe the Reign of Terror and role played by Robespierre in it. The period from to is referred to as the Reign of Terror. Maximilian Robespierre, leader of the Jacobins, followed the policy of severe control and punishment. All those he saw as enemies of the Republic — ex-nobles, clergy, political opponents — were arrested, tried and guillotined if found guilty. He issued laws placing a maximum ceiling on wages and prices.

Meat and bread were rationed. Use of expensive white flour was forbidden. Robespierre followed his policies so relentlessly that even his supporters began to demand moderation.

Finally, he was convicted, arrested and guillotined in July What is the legacy left by the French Revolution? The ideas of liberty and democratic rights were the most important legacy of the French Revolution.

These spread from France to the rest of the Europe during the nineteenth century, where feudal systems were abolished. Colonised people reworked the idea of freedom from bondage into their movements to create a sovereign state. Tipu Sultan and Ram Mohan Roy are two examples of individuals who responded to the ideas coming from the revolutionary France.

What did the following symbols convey in the Declaration of Rights? A broken chain stands for the act of becoming free. Strength lies in unity. The rays of the sun will drive away the clouds of ignorance.Are you a teacher or a student? New content is added regularly to the website, including online exhibitionsvideoslesson plans, and issues of the online journal History Now, which features essays by leading scholars on major topics in American history.

Headquarters: 49 W. Skip to main content. History Now. Time Period. Resource Type. Fulltext search. Was colonial America a democratic society? Were the colonists justified in resisting British policies after the French and Indian War —?

Were the origins of the American Revolution primarily economic or ideological? How did the Stamp Act Congress pave the road for American independence? Is violence a sound strategy to bring about significant political and social change? Case studies to help examine this question could include: the Stamp Act riots [], the Boston Massacre [], the Boston Tea Party [], and the battles of Lexington and Concord [].

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French Revolution Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Why was the Bastille hated by all? Because the Bastille stood for the despotic power of the king. What form of government was in practice in France in ? When did the French Revolution break? In the morning on 14th July Who stormed the Bastille, the fortress prison during the last years of the 18th century?

When was the fortress prison, the Bastille demolished by the people? On 14th July State any three points of significance of storming the Bastille. What is the significance of the storming of the Bastille? Describe the events of 14th July Trace the events which led to the fall of the Bastille.

Describe the incident which took place in the morning of 14 July in France. They broke into a number of government buildings in search of arms.

In how many estates was the French society divided in the eighteenth country? Three estates namely. Name any two classes of people who belonged to the third estate in France. Small businessmen and peasants. Louis XVI was related to Bourbon dynasty. Name the tax which was charged by the church from the peasants?

The tax which was charged by the church from the peasants was Tithe.All links are deemed relevant and are not placed merely for profit. Purchase through these links helps to keep this educational website online and free.

Grade 1. Grade 2. Grade 3. Grade 4. Grade 5. Grade 6. Grade 7. Grade 8. American History. Attendance Forms. Biography Workbooks. Brain Teasers. Calendars and Planners. Classroom Organization. Film and Book Guides. Forms for Teachers. Games for Learning. Grading and Assessment.Extravagant lifestyle of the monarchy brought France to the verge of bankruptcy and hastened the Revolution.

The term Liberty means freedom, equality stands for being equal and fraternity stands for brotherhood. Give any one significant role of the French philosophers in the outbreak of the Revolution. The most significant role of the philosophers was that they exposed the inefficiency of the monarch, provided revolutionary ideas and inspired the people to fight for their rights.

What debt did France incur due to her involvement in the American War of Independence? The clergy and nobility enjoyed exemption from paying redemption taxes to the state. They had political rights and social status. The authority to extract feudal dues from the peasants was the special privilege that the nobles enjoyed. Women worked as seamstresses or laundresses, sold fruits, vegetables and flowers at the market or served as domestics.

The Third Estate was considered the unprivileged class because they had no political rights and social status. They bore the burden of the state taxes. John Locke propounded the ideas refuting the doctrine of divine and absolute rights of the monarch. Montesquieu philosophy was based on the division of powers between the legislature, executive and the judiciary.

It was a political body. The assembly of the Estates General denied entry to which sections of French Society?

the french revolution discussion questions answers

Each Estate having one vote, was the principle on which voting was conducted in the Estates General. The main aim of the National Assembly was to limit the powers of the monarch and assign separate institutions authority-legislature, executive and judicial. Guillotin invented it. List the name of the body formed by the representatives of the Third Estate. The National Assembly was announced on June 20,in the hall of an indoor tennis court, in Versailles.

What provision was made by the Constitution of for the election of the National Assembly? The term natural and inalienable rights means, rights that belong to each human being by birth which could not be taken away. List four rights mentioned in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. Rights mentioned in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen: Right to life, freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and equality before law.

How did the Jacobins try to set themselves apart in their attire from the more fashionable sections of French society? To set themselves apian; from the fashionable sections of French society the Jacobins started wearing long striped trousers similar to those worn by dock workers, and a red cap. Republic is a form of government where people elect the government including the head of the government. Robespierre enacted laws placing a maximum ceiling on wages, and prices and rationing of meat and bread.

The Rule of the Directory was significant because its political instability paved the way for the rise of the military dictator Napoleon Bonaparte. Women felt their interests could be represented only if they had the right to vote and hold political offices.

The French colonies in the Caribbean were important suppliers of tobacco, indigo, sugar and coffee. The idea of liberty and democratic rights was the most important legacy of the French Revolution. List the names of two Indians who responded to the ideas of Revolutionary France. The ill fated Russian campaign led to the fall of Napoleon.